Monday, 17 July 2017

Warhammer 40k: Green Skin Expansion

More progress on the Ork army and some new acquisitions to report on today.

First up the last of the Orks from the Bring and Buy have now been polished up and finished off:

Kommandos - Either to run as a separate unit or to bulk out the unit to ten

Some Gretchin from the 2nd Edition boxed game along with a Runtherd, ideally I'd have about 20 more of these to make them effective but these will do for now  

Next up we have a unit of Nobs on Warbikes which I picked up from eBay, the paint job on these is what caught my eye and they only needed a little TLC (some repairs and some arms removed that where at very strange angles) and then new bases sorting for them:

 Probably the most eye catching unit in the army, let's just hope they are as good on the battlefield

Now for the new buys which will be joining the army.

Heavy weapon Orks which will be joining the Deffskulls as Lootas 

A 2nd Edition Dreadnought which was an impluse buy from eBay (and was put together this morning) along with the Looted Wagon from a few posts ago, now stripped down ready for re-assembly

I'm hoping to get the Deffskulls and Dreadnought sprayed up tonight so I can get cracking on them while the Looted Wagon is going to take a little longer.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Warhammer 40k - Orky Progress

It's been a little longer than planned for this update (thanks again Photobucket) however I have not been idol, most of the Ork force is now finished with only two units to finish off then I'll take a look and the Nob Bikes and the Looted Tank.
Again just to reiterate this army was bought painted and it was the old school paint scheme that sold them to me (and the price too, great bring and buy find) so all I wanted to do was clean them up, they were covered in dust, then just give the paint jobs a little TLC before varnishing them up.  Now the TLC ranged from fixing the various chips in the paint to, in some cases, quite a bit of re-painting but if I've done a decent job you shouldn't notice this.  I also acquired another Nob in Power Armour to bring the squad up to five and it was a lot of fun painting him up in the old style.

Sorry for the quality of some of the photos, the natural lighting has been terrible lately being very hazy but I didn't want to wait any longer to get the photos done and up.

Goff Warboss

Goff Nobs in Power/Mega Armour

Goff Boss Nob

And here he is with his Boyz



Deff Skull Lootas

Bad Moon Warboss in Mega/Power Armour

Weird Boy



Bad Moon Boyz 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Back in working order

Job done, all images on the blog are now back up and view-able.  It's actually been a lot of fun looking through the old images and seeing the projects as they progressed as well as seeing the ones I haven't started yet (yelp).
I'll have a post going up soon with the progress on my Ork army which is now nearly completed.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Photobucket Blues

As many of you are now aware Photobucket has put a pay wall up for 3rd party image sharing which has rendered most of my early posts without images.  I have now retrieved all my images and will slowly repopulate the posts day by day, the first post having been done.
On the up side it has been quite nice looking through those early posts and pictures.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Warhammer 40k - Rogue Trader Ork Boss

A quick WIP picture for you today, work on the Goffs is all but done (though there was a bit more fixing up to do than I first thought - more on that in the next post) however while painting them I acquired a fifth Boss in Power Armour who needed painting up to match the others.

The Bosses I'm matching to behind him - currently shiny due to varnish

It's always good to push yourself and painting in a style other than my own to match up to an existing job has been a fun challenge.  He's only half way done in this image but I should have him finished in a day or so. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Returning to 40k - 2nd and 8th Edition

The end of one project means the start of something new or in this case something old.  As I'm sure you're aware Games Workshop has a new edition on 40k coming out next week which has certainly caught my attention, a simplification of the rules which leads to fast game play and not the constant checking of rule upon special rule that it had descended into the last time I played a current version.
So with the new edition coming out (and of course the new miniatures that come with it, which yes I have indulged in somewhat, new Death Guard... what can I say) and Oldhammer weekend fast approaching, where we're hoping to get a game or two of 2nd Edition in on the Friday, I thought it was time to take out my 40k armies and get them up to scratch.

First up on the block was a couple of my original Chaos miniatures whose paint jobs haven't really stood the test of time.

The head honcho, I always loved the Black Legion

Back before there where Chaos vehicles I converted this predator to be possessed with a Nurgling infestation and was based off a vehicle which was in the 2nd edition codex

This past weekend both of these received a bath of Meths to remove the old paint jobs and boy did I used to slap it on thick back in the day!
You'll see the progress for both of these when I start my Chaos army but first I wanted to work on the armies which I've picked up in the last couple of years, the Orks and Eldar, both of which have nice old school paint schemes that just need a bit of TLC to make them table ready again.
First up on the table are the Orks, these Goffs have been dusted off (quite literally) and the gloss red parts anti-shined.

Goffs from the second edition boxed game along with converted Black Orcs I think, which work very well, and metal Nobz in power armour (former Bosses)

More of the same but all these together should make quite a good Mob

The name of the game here isn't to change the paint scheme at all as I love the work that has been done on them however over time they've had the odd chip here and there as well as a few of them not looking completely finished so I'll be touching them up and finishing them off which should be a relatively quick job before I move onto my Eldar army.
I'll keep updating my blog as each unit is finished before taking a nice army shot of them all at the end.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: Interdicter

Last night I finished of the last bit of brush work for Star Wars Armada (at least for now).  The Interdicter is a great looking ship but the art always shows red lighting down the central spine which gives it a sinister look but is missing from the model so a quick 15 minute job and this was corrected.  A quick black wash down the central spine to darken it off and the a couple of shades of red later and it looked much better.

Over the weekend I'll try and get some pictures of both completed fleets to properly end the project.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: Corvette and Nebulon B

Now that the squadrons have been completed there's not much painting to be done now however two ships which have received a minor amount of work are another Corvette and Nebulon B.  As I have three of each these I have altered the colours on two of them so that there is some small difference between them.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: Rogues and Villains Expansion

I managed to knuckle down this bank holiday Monday complete the Rogues and Villains expansion which comprises of various named characters and their iconic ships, which are represented by unique squadrons in Star Wars Armada.
It was quite tricky getting some of the paint schemes correct due to the scale of these ships so in most cases they are more a rough approximation to get the correct feel of the design however I think they have turned out quite well. 

 Rogues and Villains

Millenium Falcon



Moldy Crow 

Slave I 

Hound's Tooth 

Punishing One 


This actually marks the last of the full paint jobs I'll be doing for Armada though I still have a few of the actual capital ships which will get a very small amount of touching up (mainly a small colour change for the Rebels and perhaps a bit of extra work on the Imperial Interdictor).
Overall I have really enjoyed painted these as they have been something very different to what's normally in my painting queue and well... it helps being Star Wars ;)

Monday, 22 May 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: Imperial Squadron Expansion 2

This morning saw the completion of the second Imperial squadron expansion, again I've really enjoyed painting these and they've been much quicker to finish than the Rebel expansions thanks to the lack of of the Rebel markings.
This just leaves me with the Rogues and Villains expansion to paint up and other than a few little touches here and there on some of the Rebel ships I'll be done.

 TIE Defenders

TIE Phantoms 

Lambda Class Shuttles 

VT-49 Decimators 

The completed expansion

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Painting Star War Armada: TIE Interceptors and Bombers

Apologies for the dark photos however the weather has taken a turn for the worse and isn't the best for taking snaps.

With the Interceptors and Bombers done the first Imperial squadron expansion is complete and I'm moving on the the TIE Phantoms and Defenders.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: TIE Fighters and TIE Advanced

Though not as interesting to look at or perhaps paint due to the lack of markings it does mean they paint up really quickly so I have finished up half of the first Imperial squadron expansion, the TIE fighters and TIE Advanced fighters.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: Ghost and Shadow Caster

This morning I finished off the last of the miniatures from the Rebel squadron expansions except these ones are a bit different as the are irregular squadrons, single ships rather than three, and represent icon ships from the SW Universe.  In this case we have the Ghost and Shadow Caster from SW Rebels along with a generic version of each (VCX-100 freighter and Lancer Class Pursuit Craft).
It has nice to be able to paint up what are in effect character models for this game and put a bit more time into them.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Painting Star Wars Armada: E Wings and Z95 Headhunters

I've now moved on to the second Rebel squadron expansion in which there is a more eclectic mix of ships including some unique squadrons (too large for fighters too small to classify as a 'ship') but I've tackled the standard squadrons first which are the E Wing fighters and the Z95 Headhunters.
As a former SWG player as was aware of the Z95 however I had to brush up a bit for the E Wing but Google Images came to the rescue as usual and provided some good reference pictures for colour and markings.

Next up are the Ghost and Shadow Caster.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Prepare To Die - Dark Souls has arrived!

I'll start off by saying that I love the Dark Souls games, the worlds, the lore and of course the difficulty.  So when Steamforged Games announced that they would be producing a miniatures boardgame for Dark Souls I was both intrigued and wary, could they possibly take what makes Dark Souls so special and transfer it to another medium?  If you've read my blog before then you know I was lucky enough to me able to try a boss fight out at last years Ardacon and it did indeed have that Dark Souls vibe (good job as we'd gone all in with the Kickstarter) so I've been looking forward to this moment.
As with any game with this amount of content we went through the box to make sure everything was present and correct and to sleeve up all the cards, while we were doing this I took some photos (the light was a bit hit and miss so they aren't the best I'm afriad) to pop up on here in case your intrigued about the game or even just the miniatures.

The box 

Lift the lid and this is what you're met with, nice touch Steamforged

A well packed box but there's no way it's all going back in afterwards 

To boxes of miniatures and a card tray 

The rule book 

The card tray, keep them tidy in the box but useless once the cards are sleeved 

The smaller box of minis and it's contents

The large 'boss' box which also includes the tokens

Titanite Demon

Outrider Knight

Winged Knight




The Dancer

Hollow Crossbowmen

 Hollow Soldiers

Silver Knights

Silver Knight Archers (I actually quite Dark Souls I for six months due to these swines)

Large Hollows


The miniatures are the now almost standard pre-assembled PVC boardgame miniatures, they're decent enough and any bent components are easily sorted with a bit of hot water.
One small apology as I forgot to take any pictures of the game boards but the quality of the print on them very good and the card stock is nice and thick.

I'm hoping to get a game in this week and will be painting these up after I've finished Star Wars Armada as there aren't too many miniatures so it should be a relatively quick job to do.