Thursday, 15 March 2018

Forces of Nature: Giant Owl, Pan and Treelings

A quick update on Amy's Forces of Nature army, first up we have a Giant Owl and a Giant Faun or Pan miniature.  The Owl is from Otherworld miniatures while Pan is an old Harlequin Doctor Who miniature (which she wanted after seeing one in my DW collection):

Next up we have some Treelings or Dryads from Foundry:

Coming up next from Amy will be a Forest Troll I believe.

Kingdom Death: Monster

Around a month ago we finally made the choice to start playing Kingdom Death: Monster after the arrival of the 1.5 version of the game (even though we backed the first Kickstarter campaign).  What can I say, we've never gamed this much before, it's horrendously difficult and unforgiving and oh so addictive.  The world Adam Poots has created is a true nightmare which you play through in an almost story like fashion, reading the rule book only when events or triggered in game.
Though we have watched a few play through's in order to get a grasp of the rules (the ones from Beasts Of War and Hit Points Gaming are well worth a watch, links below) you can never really prepare for the game.

Our first campaign didn't start well with two survivors only making past the prologue White Lion only then to be followed by rolling for the lowest population at the settlement phase and then having a full party wipe on the ensuing level 1 White Lion fight.  That was the end of that settlement.  However we started right back up again and with grim determination we've now made it to the Watcher (who we should be fighting over Easter) and though we haven't actually lost a monster or nemesis fight that's not to say we haven't had our share of death and misfortune, in fact I'd say more than our fair share!  Come what may with the Watcher, as we don't have a Twilight Sword, we're already looking forward to our next settlement and how we can develop it differently using different principle and going after different armour sets.
Meanwhile as we've been playing the game I've been building the required monster and survivors which has kept me rather busy.  The game isn't wysiwyg and instead survivors are built when you've made a specific build you enjoy or after a daring feat or a certain monster is taken down by said survivor etc.  Here's everything I put together so far but this barely scratches the surface of the kits you receive in the game:

 White Lion
 Screaming Antelope
 Phoenix (with a survivor for scale)
 The Watcher
 Gold Smoke Knight
 The Nemesis'; The Butcher; The Hand; The Kingsman

 The Starting Survivors
 Intimacy Couple; Troy and Wade
 Old Survivor
 Riddick (who became Vinny), Figwinn and Gabrielle (who became Rene)
Cecil, Willow, Brent (who became Burt) and Michael (who became Gabriel)
Juan Garcia who received the Kings Curse

The game isn't easy, it's not cheap, it can be very stressful at times but would I recommend it?  Absolutely!

Quick catch up...

As I haven't been posted as often I thought I'd give a quick update as to what I've been up to.  Though I've been relatively quiet on here the same cannot be said for hobby time, which has seen the play through of The Devil In Iron campaign for Conan and we're now playing through Kingdom Death: Monster (I'll do a separate post for this as it deserves it's own spotlight but I have never gamed this much, such an addictive game) as well as squeezing in a game of Dark Crystal from River Horse Games and preparing the still boxed ships for Star Wars Armada which will be the next game we're going to run with.

Dark Crystal - a talisman style game but very thematic, I had the soundtrack blasting out while The Chamberlain became Emperor of Thra forever!

Other than sleeving lots of cards and PVA-ing cardboard there hasn't been much to show off for Star Wars: Armada however the recent Thrawn expansion did come with two Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters so I gave them a quick lick of paint

I thought I'd also mention a couple of Kickstarters which I'm currently backing and may be of interest.  First up we have Pacific Rim from River Horse Games.

This is a game of Jaeger vs Kaiju based on the upcoming film plus the original film with 75-115mm pre-painted (not so)miniatures.  Personally I love a good giant monster movie and really enjoed the first Pacific Rim film so this was a must for me, especially as I've always been impressed with River Horse games.

The next game probably doesn't need and introduction as it's been quite heavily covered on various hobby sites, Batman: Gotham City Chronicles.  This is a Kickstarter exclusive game by Monolith and uses an updated version of the THS system which was used for Conan and on that alone we've gone all in, the game system is brilliant and will work fantastically for Batman.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Stargate for 7TV

I'm jumping back to a project I haven't visited in some time but with the launch of Stargate Origins I have the itch again so with an eye to getting some games under our belts I have created unit cards for my Stargate casts in 7TV (if you've not got a copy of this rule set go grab yourself one now,, a fantastic rule set for playing TV and film inspired games).
If any of you give these a try I'd love to hear some feedback.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kingdom Death

It's been a little quiet here of late as I've taken a break from painting Conan as we've finally taken the dive into Kingdom Death!  I've been charting the build progress over on instagram ( but I will do some proper photos of the finished builds once I have enough of them.
I must say I'm really enjoying putting these together and have just put together the first miniature based off an in game character who earned to be immortalised.  I do intend on painting these at some point but we rather like the colour of the plastic as it fits the game aesthetic rather well (which I'm sure was intentional).

Riddick with Rawhide Set and newly acquired  Butcher's Cleaver , he had just destroyed his Bone Axe defeating the Butcher but was rewarded rather well

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Conan: Baal-Pteor

Today I present to you the strangler Baal-Pteor.  To be honest this is my least favourite sculpt from the Conan range and I'm not really happy with the paint job however he's done now so I can move on to the next paint job.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Conan: Kushite Witch Hunters

I managed to finish up the Kushite Witch Hunters over the weekend, again these are to a decent table top standard and took around an hour and a half each on average.
I was actually dreading painting these for some reason but once I found the concept art for them it gave me a good starting point and I ended up really enjoying working on them.

Next up on the block is Baal-Pteor who just had his first base coats applied this morning, all work in progress photos over on instagram